Bedankt voor een gezellige, inspiratievolle dag!
De foto’s zijn mooi gelukt en ik ben daar al heel blij mee.
Vond het fijn om met jou samen te werken, niet alleen als fotograaf maar ook als persoon.
De foto’s zijn goedgekeurd bij het castingbureau, dat zegt natuurlijk heel wat over jouw werk en kwaliteit!
Ik ben je dankbaar!

First shooting with Taco today and it was awesome =)
Fluent, natural, a good complicity, … It was very nice to work with him and I cannot wait for a next time !

It was an immense pleasure to work with Tycho!! He’s such a talented photographer, a friendly and sweet person and now a friend too Smile
He let me stay at his place for two night while I was touring the Netherlands last week and we had two shoots together, one solo and one with another model. Tycho is full of ideas and very professional. We talked a lot about the shoots before my travels and we had plenty of ideas to work with.
I really enjoyed his company and his creativity, 100% reccomended!!

Last year I worked with Tycho Herf. It was a lot of fun! He is easy to work with and great company. After the shoot he send me a lot of pictures what is really nice. Normally I dont get so much great pictures after a shoot. This spring we’re gonna work together for the second time.

Last Summer I worked with Tycho Herf. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot with him. He likes to work fast. He even brought fruits to the shoot for me to eat during the breaks. I’d recommend Tycho to any model. He’s laid back and great!

Roswell Ivory:
I worked with Tycho during my recent visit to Holland and what a fantastic shoot it was! Though it was a short booking, we shot a variety of outfits and accessories in a beautiful location. Tycho was unfazed by the drizzle and was friendly and talkative throughout- and the pictures I have seen are just gorgeous! His pre-shoot communication was good, and I knew what to bring and where I was going- always a good thing if you don’t know the area.
I definitely recommend him and look forward to working together again.

p.s. thankyou for the pecan brownie! Big smile

I travelled to Holland to stay and work with Tycho, having heard great things of him and browsed through his stunning portfolio – and I’m so glad that I did!!!
We conducted a series of little shoots, which went extremely well and were unbelievably fun – not only is Tycho an exceptional photographer; he is a wonderful and truly amazing human being=)
I stayed for 3 days with him – we ate, drank, chatted, shot and laughed together, a unforgettable experience to sum it up…..
I really can’t wait to shoot with Tycho again, he brings out the best in people and is, by far, one of the best in the business!!

Em xx

Sky Seraphin:
Working with Tycho was an absolute pleasure. What an absolute gentleman, warming and fun person.
I really enjoyed my time with him, was lovely to talk too and had a great sense of humour.
Super filled with the results, which I was overwhelmed with as some was edited for me to use by the next day. Communication is key with me and Tycho was great with both before and after shoot, so I highly recommend to many model Smile

Deena D:
It was a pleasure working with Tycho! fantastic communication before and after shoot . The shoot went so well and we captured very good images! Highly recommended Big smile
Shot last year

Horace Silver:
I had a real fun and interesting shoot today in Den Haag with the great Tycho. He knows exactky what he wants and masters natural lighting like no one!
I loved his contagious enthousiasm and the way he makes you feel a good model!
While I was pretending jumping a fence in front of a pond, my mobile fell into the water. Tycho is a real hero and he saved my mobile from drowning!

My mobile and myself are looking forward to our next shoot with Tycho and we recommend him warmly!

So whilst I was on my tour in the Netherlands Tycho kindly offered me his place to stay (he even put up with my snoring which is a miracle) On the first day I got there Tycho kindly gave me a grand tour of Amsterdam Smile He met me from the airport and he had even bought me lots of food for whilst I was there Smile On Sunday we had an awesome shoot. I said to Tycho in messages that I wanted to do some shots with windmills, clogs and old bicycles (I wanted to do everything dutch) so we incorporated that into our shots. We even did some shots in the building he lives in making great use of the natural light that was pouring in from the big glass windows.
He kept in contact with me very well before the shoot and kept me informed about everything that was going to happen when I got to the Netherlands. Tycho sourced out places for us to shoot before I got there Smile He is such a great photographer and has awesome editing skills (I saw them first hand) so if there are any models out there looking for a fabulous photographer get a shoot booked with Tycho now. I highly recommend him Smile I am already planning my next trip back to the Netherlands Smile

I worked with Tycho for the first time whilst on my trip to Holland! I only for an hour but wow did it fly! Was an amazing hour! Tycho usually works on location but on this occasion we were shooting from a studio but he had so many creative ideas and was a real pleasure to shoot with! So friendly and easy to get along with the moment he came into the studio I felt instantly relaxed. He is a great photographer and very creative with a great eye. I would 200% recommend Tycho and would jump at the chance to work with him again in the future! Thank you so much for an amazing shoot!
Shot last year

I had my first shoot with Tycho last weekend in Amsterdam. This was my first shoot overseas, Tycho was very friendly and easy to get along with. He knew and understood exactly what he wanted from the shoot and made me feel very at ease. I really enjoyed our shoot together it was a fantastic experience and i would like to work with Tycho again in the future. I would definitely recommend this photographer – a lovely friendly person and a very talented photographer.
Shot last year

I had my first shoot with taco today and I am left speechless ! Never in my four years ( I sound silly now) of doing modelling have I ever had such the privilege of working with such a strong minded , powerful young man who has a passion and nack for photography like no other !
Today didn’t go 100% to plan but I feel it went even better ! Models should be giving there right arm to shoot with taco ! He throws all his ideas in to the shoot and this ensures the most amazing image results , and I am like a child waiting for Xmas to see the final results Big smile
Conversation flowed easily throughout the shoots , lots of laughs, and ideas and just in general great conversations ! I can’t wait to work with taco again my only regret is that it wasn’t for longer this time !!
Such a gentlemen and someone who cares from the bottom of his heart , I cannot praise this man enough . Life saver !!
Thanks taco , hope to work with you soon and all the best